Every year Costco presents a detailed brief to renew their biggest campaign of the year. We had the task of conceptualizing and designing the main deliverable: The Holiday Gift Guide. In this instance, we faced an extra challenge: show how our Photo Gift Products can help our loved ones stay together, while apart. It was a unique year, to say the least. 

We established our 4 main conceptual pillars: connect, decorate, reflect and be together. Each one of them with their respective set of products.
In an effort to differentiate the look from previous approaches, we went for a warm and cozy mood; utilizing elements such as paper textures with torn edges, combined with a wintery color palette. Finally, we used gold to accentuate the warm holiday feeling.
Polaroid accents helped our Gift Guide bring an extra dose of nostalgia and showcase the products or lifestyle images in a crafty collage composition.
As is usually the case for print guides, creating believable scenarios is one of the biggest challenges. Composing images from scratch to showcase Costco's products and telling a visual story was vital to achieving the overall objective; each image is, after all, a scene from a memory.
The final step was to translate the campaign into web territory. The four main topics of the campaign were condensed into a landing page, reflecting how each different set of products helps us stay together, while apart.
CLIENT: Costco Photo Centre
Art Direction: Karina Contreras, Rebecca Fletcher

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